Services Offered

Feasibility Study

Perhaps you’ve found a potential rental space but don’t know how many operators will fit in. Can you have a consultation room? A staff lounge? Before you pursue this space any further, we can help you visualize what you can fit in the space. It may be too small for what you want . . . or just right. We take your requirements and see how they fit into the space according to the way you practice. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can look at other opportunities with minimal time lost.

Critiquing Your Plans

You've had an architect or other designer draw up your office floor plan. You like it but want some outside input. We'll be happy to review the plan for you and offer our suggestions. Many plans can be improved by having a third-party review them. There usually is no charge for a verbal critique.

Floor plan Development

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, whether it’s a rental space or building your own building, we can get started. An in-depth interview will take place reviewing your “Wish List” - what you want in your new office. Details will be discussed, questions asked and answered and the process begun. You work directly with Dr. Janecek, no draftsmen or auxiliary personnel. Plans under development will be emailed to you for your consideration. Changes will be made and remade until we have your “ideal” floor plan. Fees will be discussed before any work is started.