Team Members


Your Architect and Contractor

We will work with your architect and / or contractor who will do the construction and mechanical drawings (Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC). Sometimes a client will ask why they should pay us AND an architect. Good question. Since the architect will not be spending time on the development phase of the project, his fee should be less than if he did the entire project.

Your Interior Designer

You and your interior designer will develop the color palette for your office, pick out wall and floor coverings and choose artwork and other decorative features. Professionals should always be involved in this important aspect of your project. This is the “face” that patients and guests will see when entering your new office.

Your Dental Supply Company

They come into play by providing the architect and / or contractor the details of the specific dental equipment you’ll be using. They, the architect and contractor will review the plan for any local code peculiarities and restrictions. If found, we will modify the plan to accommodate these restrictions.